Tunturi C85 Elliptical Cross Trainer

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The Tunturi C85-F Crosstrainer Endurance is a Crosstrainer that offers some unique features which makes it one of the highest quality cross trainers that is available. 

  • The Crosstrainer has got a clear 7-inch color monitor. This monitor can be used to watch videos of landscapes while you are training. The scenes slow down and speed up in time with your pace.
  • The Tunturi C85-F Crosstrainer Endurance has got 44 programs. 
  • There are 10 preset programs, a T-Trainer program, a T-Ride program which simulates riding a bike on natural terrain, a quick start and a built in fitness test.
  • The fitness test makes it easy to track your progress between workouts and to measure it over time. When the test finishes you will see a reading which reflects your aerobic fitness level, together with various other details about your oxygen uptake which can be used over time as a comparison to see how you are progressing.
  • The monitor of the 80 series can be set in 11 different languages. So you can easily choose the favourite training.
  • The trainer can be linked to Kinomaps. You cycle a route through your own street or explore the holiday destination and determine the resistance yourself.
  • The trainer can also be linked to the apps Fit Hi Way and IConsole+ and will assure that your training targets will be achieved much quicker
  • The rear driven cross trainer has a stride length of 40 cm.
  • Model 2019 
  • Technical information - Tunturi elliptical cross trainer Endurance C85:
    • Braking system: electromagnetic induction brake
    • Output: 0 - 600 W
    • Balance mass according to the manufacturer: 36 kg
  • Computer - Tunturi elliptical cross trainer Endurance C85:
    • Display: duration, distance, speed, watts, RPM, calories, heart rate
    • Exercise programmes in total: 44, of which heart rate controlled: 1
    • User memory: 20
  • Features - Tunturi elliptical cross trainer Endurance C85:
    • heart rate measurement: hand pulse sensors + chest strap (sold separately)
    • Chest strap for telemetric heart rate measurement sold separately
    • Power supply: mains adaptor
    • Extras: transport wheels, drinking bottle holder
  • Compatible with Kinomaps applications
  • Valuable 7 Inch Full Color TFT-LCD display
  • Max. user-weight - Tunturi elliptical cross trainer Endurance C85: 150 kg
  • Dimensions set-up - Tunturi elliptical cross trainer Endurance C85: (L) 199 cm x (W) 74 cm x (H) 166 cm