JX 926 Multi Utility Home Gym

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The JX-DS926 Home Gym is packed full options, allowing for multiple users across its 3 different stations. The JX Home Gyms are amongst the most affordable gyms on the market and also offering the best quality!

Looking for an affordable Home Gym packed with features and built to high structural standards?

Why choose between saving money or having a quality Home Gym when you can have both?

The JX-DS926 offer 3 stations to suit multiple users at one time, so if you?re looking for a Home Gym that the entire family can use, look no further.

The first of the 3 stations offers an adjustable Pec Deck/Chest Press machine which can also be doubled as a Row machine by facing forward on the seat. Above your head you will find a lat pulldown bar attached to the weight stack offering a range of lat exercises.

With the addition of both high and low pulleys, it allows the user to complete a vast range of Cable exercises including:

  • Cable flys
  • Tricep pushdowns
  • Bicep curls
  • Single arm rows
  • Military press
  • Upright rows

The options are truly endless!!

The Leg Press machine is fully adjustable for people of all sizes and also offer a checkered footplate for extra grip. Connected to the main weight stack via pulleys and cables allows the user to push upwards of 120kg!!

The second of the 3 stations includes a bench press leverage gym, this section of the gym can also be doubled as a squat machine by simply unfolding the bar (see image). This option is also fully adjustable to suit people of all heights.

The third of the 3 stations is a complete chin/dip machine, use this area to perform chin ups, leg raises, dips and much more.