Our Partners

Our Partners


Sports Art: Our eco-friendly partner

Movement is energy. Every step, pedal and stride we take is generating the potential to power a movement. At SportsArt, we move to ignite a connection between creating healthy bodies and a healthy environment. Because when we move, we change the world—one workout at a time. Our Status Cardio Series features three unique ways to improve your facility's sustainability.

Recycle the energy created during a user’s workout with ECO-POWR™ products by capturing human exertion and turning it into usable electricity. Reduce your energy consumption with SENZA™ or ECO-NATURAL™ products, using 32% less energy than competitor’s fitness equipment. Refuse to use electricity entirely with self-powered ECO-NATURAL™ equipment.


Precor: Our Platinum Partner

"Fitness Made Personal" is a direct extension of the Precor Mission.

It is a reminder of what we strive to be and how we are different than others in our industry. Fitness is our business. We strive to bring a personal touch to the experience of every exerciser, relate to operators in our industry in a personal way, and cultivate a culture that believes in mutual respect and the overwhelming returns of sharing.



Xebex, Body Solid: Our Gold Partners

Design Headquarters in USA, proudly Made in Taiwan. High-quality, Award-Winning fitness equipment with over 30 years design and manufacturing experience. Our equipment is used by functional fitness, crossfit, studio boutiques, and club gyms.

Xebex has distributors in over 40+ countries world-wide. We design and manufacture award-winning Rowers, Air Bikes, Non-Motorized Curved Treadmill Runners, as well as Ski Trainers, Climbers, AirPlus Bikes, and more. Xebex Fitness has a history in design and production of equipment for top athletes and super heavy-use gyms around the world.



We are a leading global supplier of gym equipment. A perfect product and service system has been built in the field of fitness equipment R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales, club operation and health management.

We are committed to providing competitive products, services and sales support for the operators in the fitness industry and to achieve maximum value for our customers. 

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Body Solid

Body-Solid, Inc. is an American manufacturer and distributor of home and commercial strength & conditioning equipment including home gyms, smith machines, racks, weightlifting bars, plates and other fitness-related equipment for garage and home gyms, military, collegiate and professional sports teams, health clubs and hotels.