Wellness Days

Wellness Days

We host wellness days with certified medical professionals onsite at your premises.

What is Wellness?

While health can be defined as the absence of disease, wellness is more about a person's lifestyle and taking charge of the choices they make to stay healthy. Wellness is the recognition that individuals have a responsibility to take care of themselves physically, emotionally and psychologically. Getting exercise, maintaining healthy relationships and eliminating risky behaviors such as smoking are all components to wellness. Research has shown that when individuals take care of themselves and make positive lifestyle changes, they are happier, miss less work and are more productive.

Wellness in the Workplace

Because of the connection between wellness and productivity, companies have taken a strong interest in promoting wellness in the workplace. From health care screening days to smoking cessation programs, employers realize that, when they show an interest in their employees' wellness, those employees are more likely to take advantage of the programs provided to them. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that companies with wellness programs in place reduce their health care costs by as much as 55 percent and short-term sick leave by 32 percent.