Why a corporate office gym?

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Why a corporate office gym?


Because they look so good. No, because as employers you have an obligation to assist your employees in the upkeep of their health and well being. Your employees work long hours, mostly sitting at their desks hammering away at keyboards, which leads to sedentary behavior which in turn has negative consequences for your staff. One way to improve the physical well being of your staff is to invest in a corporate gym. It doesn't have to be state-of-the-art but it has to be inviting, well maintained, welcoming and should include the basic amenities.

Providing the wellness facility is only half the battle won though. Too often, the facilities are available but there's an unspoken culture that going to exercise during work hours will be frowned upon or even worse lead to unintended consequences. This culture takes a while to unearth and one way to get there faster is through wellness interventions and policy revision. Weird combination, yes, but could prove to be effective.

By making it easier for your staff to get to a fitness facility during work hours could lead to decreased work stress and frustration,  a happy employee is a productive employee. regular exercise could lead to and promote the release of mood-elevating endorphins. Regular exercise could also lead to better sleep behavior providing employees with more energy throughout the day. 


If you are considering introducing a fitness facility into your company or merely want to spruce up your existing facility, try us, we can assist. Also consider wellness days and group exercise activities.

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