The Pillars of an Effective Workplace Wellness Program

The Pillars of an Effective Workplace Wellness Program

Join me over the next few days as we journey through the six strong pillars that support the success of wellness programs. If these pillars are well constructed, any size organisation could implement a well run wellness program.

The six pillars, a quick summary.

1. Multilevel leadership

Once again, this is applicable even to a small company with a flat structure. As long as senior leadership and at least a wellness champion or people with wellness roles in their job-description are passionate about wellness, persistent and persuasive.

2. Alignment

Wellness programs aren't a once-off event, it has to align with the company's identity and aspirations, PS! cultural shifts take time.

3. Scope, relevance and quality

Wellness programs need to engage staff and just be downright fun or competitive for others, or else staff won't participate.

4. Accessibility

Convenience matters, its that simple. 

5. Partnerships

Internal & external collaborations each have their own benefits i.e. external collaboration in South Africa could lead to increased business with small businesses being brought on as active vendors.

6. Communication

The delivery of the wellness message is key to having the desired outcome. 


source: HBR: what's the hard return on employee wellness programs? 2010